Easy PowOr - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions

What is EasyPowOr?

EasyPowOr is a pre-paid vending system system for embedded power and water networks. Possible applications are university accommodation blocks, motels, camp grounds etc.

How do I purchase power or water top ups?

Scratch cards can be brought from your local accommodation provider or an approved sales outlet as advised by your accommodation provider. These can be redeemed via text, voice call or via the EasypowOr web site www.easypowor.co.nz.

Certain accommodation providers also support purchase of top ups via credit/debit card using the Easypowor web site. If this is supported, the option will be available after logging in with your meter number

How do I purchase using a scratch card?

Once you have purchased the scratch card, you can either text, call or enter your details online.

In all cases you will need your 11 digit meter number found on your EasyPowOr meter. Meter numbers start with 070.


Text 021 190 1106 with your 11 digit meter number followed by the 20 digit scratch card number.
EG: 0705315001205081234567824795550

You'll receive a code, enter that code into the meters keypad.

Automated Voice System

Call from a landline 0508 327 976 (Freephone) or from your mobile 04 916 9155(Standard charges apply).

Follow the voice prompts and select option 1.

When prompted, enter your 11 digit meter number followed by the # key.

When prompted enter your 20 digit scratch card followed by the # key

The system will read back your 20 digit meters code, enter this into your meter.

If you miss any digits you can call back and select option 4 to have the last number read to you.


Go to www.easypowor.co.nz

Login using your meter number.

Select "Pay by Scratchcard".

Enter your scratch card number and click "Go". Your purchase details and meter number will appear below.

How do I purchase using my credit card

Go to www.easypowor.co.nz

Login using your meter number.

Select "Pay by Credit card".

Select the amount you want to purchase and click "buy now.

You will be redirected to Payment Express who will facilitate the payment.

Enter your credit card details

If your transaction was successful, you will be redirected to EasyPowOr and receive your 20 digit meter code.

Do scratch cards expire?

No scratch cards do not expire.

How do I view my Account History

Once you have logged in, click "View Account History"

Select a start date earlier then today and click "Show Results"

I live in an apartment with a centralised hot water system. Does this affect my power purchases?

It may do. Some apartments charge for hot water as part of the purchase of power. Hot water usage is measured every week and the cost of this is debited from your purchase with any remainder being allocated to give you electricty. If you do not purchase power weekly, it is possible that the amount of hot water to be charged will exceed the value of your purchase. In this case you will be provided with a small amount of power to keep you going and the remaining hot water owed for will be carried over to your next purchase.

Where relevant, a history of your hot water charges will be displayed on the Account History screen on the EasyPowOr website www.easypowor.co.nz

Contact Energy provide my power, can I buy power using the EasypowOr System

Contact Energy use the same type of prepaid power meters that are used on EasypowOr, however power top ups for these meters cannot be purchased using the EasypowOr system as Contact Energy is a totally separate power provider. Contact Energy have their own outlets for selling power top ups

My keypad unit is displaying ------ 30 ------- and I can't enter my code

Some of the Easypowor customer interface units (CIU) communicate to the meter via the power lines. Interference on the power lines such a faulty appliances or lights may result in this communication being disrupted and the CIU will show ------ 30 ------ to indicate that it cannot talk to its associated power meter. Try switching off the main switch on your switch board and see if it solves the problem. Sometimes the problem is outside the apartment such as workmen using power tools nearby. In this case the problem may go away when they leave. If the problem persists contact your property manager and report the problem with them.

What do the digits on the display of my Customer Interface Unit Mean

The display shows the remaining credit in kWh. If a 1KW heater is plugged in it will result in the display decrementing by 1 unit in a one hour period.

How to contact EasyPowOr?


Please have your 11 digit meter number and scratch card number ready. Your meter number can be found on your EasyPowOr meter. Meter numbers start with 070.

Call free from a landline on 0508 327 976.

Call from your mobile on 04 916 9155 (Standard charges apply).

Then select option 5 to talk to a customer representative.

Email Support

Please email easypowor@adriley.co.nz. Include your meter number, apartment number and accommodation provider as well as details of your problem.

Download help documentation

Click here to download a copy of the "Welcome to EasyPowOr" handbook.

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